About Corporate Services

With UAE increasingly becoming an international business hub, more organizations need an assistant in establishing an office in UAE. If your employees want to hold a cooperate meeting take their work to UAE, turn to Al Ain Oasis Holidays, a full-service corporate travel agency that has unique expertise in business travel in UAE and worldwide. Our corporate travel services extend to Multinational
Companies, Governments, and small & medium Corporates.

We use our expertise in managing corporate travel costs as well as logistics. We make cooperate travel to become easy and viable
through the following services:

Corporate Meetings

Arranging Corporate meetings and short-term or long-term stays

Travel Services

Offer a flexible and wide range of travel options that are low cost and of best value


Organizing ground transportation

Visa Assistance

Visa and passport assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Al Ain Oasis Holidays Corporate please?

    Al Ain Oasis Holidays Corporate is a travel service provider catering for the visa, airline tickets, hotel bookings and holiday needs of companies and organizations.

  • Are we specialized in corporate travel?

    We specialize in Corporate and Business Travel. We have a skilled team of consultants that conveniently cater to your corporate traveling needs. Our global partners provide us with real-time data to ensure that we can be of benefit to your company.

  • What process do you follow when interacting with a new client?

    We approach all our clients with immense respect. For new clients, we evaluate their traveling history and any preexisting contracts. All recommendations given are based on the information gained. We are set apart from our competitors by our holistic approach and on-point advice over matters such as travel policies to implement as a company.

  • How do I save money by using our services?

    We have global affiliations which give us a stronger bargaining power. The kinds of relationships we establish are strategically chosen so that our clients can receive the best available prices.

  • How else can you help my business?

    Besides offering your business the best corporate travel fares, we can also manage hotel and car arrangements on your behalf. We can also coordinate meetings for both small and large groups. And that’s not all. Our leisure department is well resourced to plan your fun activities. That is the true definition of a holistic company!

  • What are the booking options?

    Feel free to book via phone or our website. Our team is ever waiting for your call, 24/7/365

  • Can you help with tracking my expenses?

    Yes. We have partnered with various tech firms to provide tools for tracking your expenses right from your phone. You do not have to tire yourself keeping records of receipts issued. That is well taken care of as you travel.