Finding key individuals to join us is vital to our activities and our recruitment policy consists not only in finding the right individuals but also in making sure that the right individuals are given the right jobs. We are interested in people who have consistently pursued excellence while delivering results and who are seeking to grow within our existing teams.

While you learn to work in a challenging, creative and friendly work environment, you will be given an opportunity to grow within the organization.

Our recruitment process is carefully tailored to each candidate’s previous and current professional background. While scanning CVs for academic and professional credentials, we also look for entrepreneurial, innovative and result-driven minds. If you are interested in joining our team, please feel free to contact us.

    About Us

    Al Ain Oasis Holiday is one of the leading travel agency in UAE. We provide comprehensive travel services for both individuals and groups to and from the country. Our services include exciting holiday packages, cooperate travel, travel tickets, travel insurance, cruise holiday among other services. Al Ain Oasis Holiday was established in 2002 by a team of qualified professionals who have years of experience in travel and tourism industry.

    Our professional guides, quality hotels, modern transportation, fine restaurants and other key vendors are what has made us gain trust from our customers. We are fully licensed travel agency recognized for our exceptional services. We stand behind our reputation of providing customer satisfaction. This is evident through our constant bookings from repeat clientele and new customers being referred to us.

    Our experience in the travel industry makes us very familiar with many travel destinations in UAE and worldwide. We, therefore, make sure that we select the best destination for you and our loved ones. We strive to make a dream journey for you through our professional and local knowledge to help you on the ground. At Al Ain Oasis Holiday we ensure your holiday is the ultimate travel experience.